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Oxygen Cylinder Dubai UAE

Oxygen Cylinder Vs Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Cylinder Dubai UAE

In the case of the use of oxygen cylinder, the tanks are relatively inexpensive but are ultimately cumbersome, as you will need to keep one or more tanks on you at all times, particularly during long or extended trips. As oxygen cylinder or O2 tank are limited by a finite capacity (the size of the tank) this can produce an issue of portability for those who use them.

Oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator machine do not require refilling an oxygen as the machine generate oxygen automatically from the air
This consider the  major advantage as the user doesn’t have to be concerned with changing the tank when the oxygen runs out


in addition also O2 concentrator or  oxygen concentrators allow patients much more mobility than a oxygen cylinder or  tank because  to the concentrator’s significant difference in size and weight. 

also patients who require continuous oxygen or a high flow rate will find concentrators advantageous because they never run out of oxygen.

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