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What is Oxygen Concentrator Dubai UAE

What is Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen concentrator also called O2 concentrator or oxygen generator machine is home care and medical equipment machine that help patients who need oxygen as they have a low level of oxygen in their blood. Oxygen Concentrator powered by plugging the device into an electrical outlet.


The oxygen is delivered through a steady supply as long as the oxygen machine is plugged in to a permanent wall electrical source.

The Oxygen concentrators machines produce  oxygen on their own as follows:

1)  the machine pull in the surrounding room air and filter it.

2) Then the  oxygen undergoes a filtration process, and is compressed.

3) From there, the flow moves through two or more chambers that are filled with a material that removes the nitrogen from the air by using filter and sieve beds.

4) The medical grade oxygen is then sent through a flow-meter through the mask or the nasal cannula.


5) there are 2 types  O2 home use oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator which use a battery


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