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Portable oxygen concentrator suppliers in Abu Dhabi
oxygen concentrator suppliers in Abu Dhabi

Continuous Mode vs  Pulse Mode

Portable Oxygen concentrator is medical equipment machine that help patients who need oxygen as they have a low level of oxygen in their blood. Oxygen Concentrator powered by plugging the device into an electrical outlet or by using a built in battery.  If a battery is used, then it will need to be charged by plugging it into an electrical outlet or by car adapter. portable oxygen concentrators are very lightweight compared to Home O2 concentrator or home use oxygen concentrator they can also be plugged into car 12V D/C cigarette lighters or operate through the use of a lithium-ion battery our portable oxygen concentrators are FAA approved and can be brought Air plane, trains, buses, and cruise ships for only Portable oxygen concentrators machines there are  two settings for receiving oxygen: pulse dose and continuous flow.


The oxygen is delivered through a steady supply as long as the oxygen machine is plugged in to a permanent wall electrical source.

only for portable type there are 2 modes available (Continuous Mode) and ( Pulse Mode)

The pulse dose mode is usually used for daytime use or used most when patients are awake and active during the day., as it delivers air via the cannula when you inhale. Concentrators with pulse dose technology also are more compact in design so the machine will give oxygen upon patint inhaetion only means the pulse flow delivers oxygen every time the patient takes a breath. If their breathing rate increases, the machine will react and release a bolus, or pulse dosage size, with each inhalation. The flow rate is based off the bolus.

The concentrator then rests while the patient is exhaling. Although there are pulse flow units that can be used 24/7, it should be noted that pulse dose units are not compatible with  BiPAP or CPAP machine


The continuous flow mode delivers a constant air flow via the tubes. For people who need oxygen while they sleep continuous mode is the best option.   so Continuous flow is delivered at a constant rate regardless of the user’s breathing pattern. All home stationary concentrators provide a continuous flow of oxygen.

If a patient is prescribed 3 LPM, their concentrator will produce 3 liters of oxygen every minute. POCs that are continuous flow are CPAP & BiPAP compatible. They can also be used 24/7.

Most patients find that pulse flow works very well for them during their waking hours. However, some require the option of continuous flow

When you see a very small machine in term or size and weight that will be a pulse machine not continuous as the continuous portable oxygen concentrator has bigger size due to bigger O2 generator or oxygen generator, battery which can generate oxygen in continuous mode.


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oxygen concentrator suppliers in Abu Dhabi

looking for oxygen concentrator suppliers in Abu Dhabi Contact us today for the best price

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